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Creative Stone & Tile

Our entire business is creative. From our tile collection, to our boutique design service, we eat, breathe and sleep cutting-edge tile design.

Our Personal Service


Initial Consultation

When you come to see us, we’ll work together to discuss your project ideas. We’ll get to know your personal taste and individual needs. Then we’ll share our in-depth knowledge of materials and trends. We’ll inspire you with our hand-selected range of tiles and surfaces. We’ll think through your project and help you develop your ideas into something truly exceptional. We’re passionate about sharing what we know and giving you a bespoke, consultative service you won’t find anywhere else in Northern Ireland.


Conceptual Design

Once we’ve had our initial meeting to discuss your project, we’ll take time to grow your idea. We’ll think deeply about the design, and we’ll work through the core elements to arrive at a concept you’re truly inspired by. We’ll bring the design together into a single vision, ensuring it flows with the rest of your space. As tile design experts with deep technical knowledge, we can offer you more than just stunning tiles. We can offer you a complete creative design service, and expert guidance developing a concept you’ll be truly inspired by.


Development & Refinement

At this stage, we’ll refine the concept based upon your preferences and budget. You can start to make some choices that will bring your vision fully to life. You can narrow down your options, and select tiles and surfaces that really inspire you. You can adjust the scope of the project based upon your individual needs. We can work with you to make any changes necessary to strengthen the proposed design, ensuring that we achieve the best possible expression of your unique vision.


Confirmation Of Order

Before we confirm your order, we’ll make sure everything is precisely as it should be. Every aspect of the design will be honed to your exact specifications. We’ll agree on materials and quantities and we’ll work with each supplier involved to ensure everything is properly coordinated. If required, we will advise on the technical aspect of your flooring pre-installation. Every detail will be handled with great care, so you can have absolute confidence that your project will be on track and ready for installation.


Delivery & Installation

All tiles are delivered to our warehouse from our Italian suppliers within a four to six weeks of placing the order; with exception of be-spoke special pieces which may take a little longer. To ensure a perfect result, we review the product carefully. We check all tiles for quality and then organise for them to be delivered to your home. If required, we can recommend expert tradesmen who will handle your installation with great care.

Before they begin work, we carefully brief them, and take them through the vision for the project. So you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your installation will be handled by experienced professionals. Respectful of your home and the high quality of the product, they can be counted on to install the perfect finish.

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