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Creative Stone & Tile

Large Slab Tiles

Our Extra large porcelain slabs are light, versatile & strong, with extraordinary aesthetic appeal for interior or exterior spaces, residential or commercial design projects.

The use of large and very thin panels creates the perception of a continuous surface in a way that until recently was only possible with resins. Due to 3D technology, realistic material effects and textures inspired by marble, wood, metal and stone, porcelain slabs have brought significant environmental benefits, reducing the need to “quarry natural stone” or cut down trees. Moreover, thanks to advances in technology a given surface area can now be covered using just half the quantity of material that would have been required 10 years ago.

These large format collections give an extraordinary result in terms of beauty and charm in spaces and architectural designs.

The images showcased in our galleries are only a sample of the collection available at Creative Stone & Tile. To see the full range we would advise you to call in to our studio.

Inspiration Galleries

Browse our exciting collection of designer tiles, and find the trends and styles that inspire you.

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