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Stone Tiles

Our elegant porcelain stone collection is inspired by nature’s finest limestones and sandstones, transformed by modern porcelain technology into durable, high-performance material suitable for interiors and exteriors.

They are both stain and scratch resistant making them very easy to maintain. Available in neutral colours and many sizes; with large format stones now being the most popular in interior design.

We hand pick only those that have undergone the high technology production process. This allows a unique selection of stones that have a gentle structure and defined markings along with refined surface finishes and balanced shade variation. It ensures these hand-picked collections are unprecedented in terms of realism

The images showcased in our galleries are only a sample of the collection available at Creative Stone & Tile. To see the full range we would advise you to call in to our studio.

Inspiration Galleries

Browse our exciting collection of designer tiles, and find the trends and styles that inspire you.

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