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Texture & Patterns

Texture is an enduring trend, which evolves in new ways every year, as manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of tile beyond two dimensions. There are many different ways to create tactile interest on the surface from linear relief that creates a sense of movement to porcelain tile reminiscent of wood panelling.

Designers know that a touch of greenery can add comfort or whimsy to any space, not to mention the psychological benefits of biophilia – the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Tiles mimicking nature can help improve a person’s perception of space, which is a reason why architects and designers are incorporating them into their current projects.

The images showcased in our galleries are only a sample of the collection available at Creative Stone & Tile. To see the full range we would advise you to call in to our studio.

Inspiration Galleries

Browse our exciting collection of designer tiles, and find the trends and styles that inspire you.

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