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Creative Stone & Tile proudly presents Philippe Starck Tiles

May 28, 2015

The encounter between the creative genius of Philippe Starck and immense know-how of Italian tiles gives birth to FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE

French Designer Philippe Starck is amongst the best-known designers in the world and one of the leading influences of the New Design style. Philippe Starck likes to innovate, and his début collection of ceramic tiles has more than one ground-breaking element. Firstly, the porcelain tiles work across floors and walls, enabling you to create a seamless look; the floor tiles can be used both indoors and out. A mix of textured matt and glossy finishes and endless shade options also mean you can create colour-blocked patterns. The real genius, however, is in the way the tiles are joined: in place of unsightly grouting, extended edges on each tile allow for almost invisible joints, turning your tiling into an architectural feature.

“It’s only the beginning of an infinite potential, of a new creativity to serve architecture and architects” – declared Philippe Starck. Finally, I discovered I can exaggerate the joint and enhance it on one side, on two sides, on four sides in order to create an innovative architectonic subject!

With FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE the wall covering takes on a totally new potential: from customary decorative element to new architectonic system.

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