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Creative Stone and Tile winners in 2018 Tile Association Awards

May 31, 2018

Creative Stone & Tile received fantastic news; for the second year running, they have been awarded “Best Domestic Project 2018” in the annual TTA Awards. Widely regarded in the industry as the most important annual accolade, tile companies from across the UK and Ireland compete against each other in the TTA awards.

“We truly believe that the use of tile in the home can make the difference between an average and an aspirational home and this award recognises the impact that our tile design can have in the finest interiors!” Paul Bryan

Creative Stone & Tile have a boutique tile studio, based in Omagh, were you will have a one-of-a-kind experience. You won’t see as extensive a range of the world’s best, most cutting-edge design trends anywhere else in Ireland. They are extremely proud of their unique tile collection. They have spent considerable time carefully selecting products that from the latest innovations and trends and have a real passion for what they do.

TTA awards are a statement of excellence unparalleled in the wall and floor tiling industry. Having been carefully checked for financial, technical and service standards, winning members of The Tile Association are considered the best in the industry.

Creative Stone & Tile are delighted with their ongoing success and this award is an accolade to the impact their tiles had in this elegant residential interior!

award 2018

award 2018


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