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Creative Stone & Tile proudly presents Philippe Starck Tiles

May 28, 2015

The encounter between the creative genius of Philippe Starck and immense know-how of Italian tiles gives birth to FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE French Designer Philippe Starck is amongst the best-known designers in the world and one of the leading influences of the New Design style. Philippe Starck likes to innovate, and his début collection of ceramic tiles… Read More »

Designer tiles Northern Ireland thin tiles


August 25, 2014

Just like celebrities, a tile can never be too rich or too thin. Fantastic new ranges of “wafer thin” ceramic tiles (3-6mm thick) make it ultra-easy to give kitchens, bathrooms and living areas a facelift. The ultra-thin range lends itself particularly well to renovations where the laying of a new floor without removing existing floor… Read More »

Designer tiles Northern Ireland floral tiles

Florals & Foliage

August 19, 2014

Finally, florals and foliage are blooming throughout the Italian design. These cheerful and optimistic designs never go out of style and may be just what people need to get through the current market conditions.

Designer tiles Northern Ireland modern shapes

Modern Shapes & Surfaces

May 21, 2014

New tile formats range from Polygonal tiles to formats as large as 120x120cm. Due to technological advances, tile surfaces are changing to play with light and include the sense of touch; by exploiting silky textures, relief geometries and unexpected contrasting surfaces.

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